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Do You Think Pressing Khaki Pants Is Easy?
You Will When You Wetclean With SMARTCare™
tanaway Think about SMARTCare™ how hard it is to press khakis. How stiff they are when they come out of the dryer, how much extra work it requires to press them, and, they never seem to really look or feel that great after they are pressed.

Now, imagine throwing a load of khakis into any washing machine, add a little bit of SMARTCare, and when you take the clothes out of the dryer, they feel like they were drycleaned. Hardly any wrinkles, a nice soft feel, and no static. Now that is only the beginning. Imagine pressing these khakis as fast and as easy as you do a pair of wool or polyester pants. Now, imagine that these khaki pants have the most incredible feel, like a pair of new pants.

If you wash khakis with any other detergent, KEEP DREAMING. But if you use SMARTCare, Wake Up to the New Way to Wetclean.
What you have just imagined is now possible. Once you experience SMARTCare, you will be amazed at how easy it is to wetclean and press khakis, cottons, and even wools.

SMARTCare is The Only Wetcleaning Product You Need From Wash to Finish™.

SMARTCare contains everything that you need to wetclean, a detergent, a conditioner, and a sizing. So it is very easy to use. Just add SMARTCare right in with the clothes and that is all there is to it. The clothes come out clean and easy to finish.

SMARTCare contains Smart Ingredients.

The name SMARTCare comes from the way that product was developed. This is a smart chemical. It is made so that the detergent part automatically flushes out during the rinse cycle, but the conditioner and sizing stay behind to provide the necessary feel and the ease of pressing that the clothes require.

SMARTCare is the Smart Choice because you only need one product!

You don't have to stop the wash cycle to add a conditioner or fabric softener, or sizing. You don't have to take the time to fill up balls with two other chemicals. Just throw the clothes in, add the SMARTCare and that is it.


For Top Loaders - Add 4 to 5 ounces of SMARTCare to each load of Wetcleaned Clothes For Front Loaders - Add 3 to 4 ounces of SMARTCare per 10 pounds of Wetcleaned Clothes.

To Remove Grease and Oil From Clothes During the Wetcleaning Process, Use NATURE-L

Add 2 ounces of Nature-L per load in a top loader

Add 1 ounce of Nature-L per 10 pounds of clothes cleaned in a front loader.

Try SMARTCare For Yourself And See How Easy Pressing Khakis Can Be.

The EPA published a case study about the exclusive use of SMARTCare and NatureL in wetcleaning environmentally-preferable technology.


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